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Agent Phillip J Coulson - Clark Gregg

Pattern of the Month - May

It's May. It's Spring and soon I will be planting my vegetable garden, featuring pumpkins, of course, and lots of flowers. It is the season of birth and rebirth. Life abounds!

Anyone who saw the original Avengers (***SPOILERS AHEAD*** if this isn't you) knows that the man who was the face of SHIELD, Agent Phil Coulson, died at the hands of the villain Loki. While this was sad, it was the push the Avengers needed to assemble and save the world for the first time so it was a heroic death. It also wasn't the end of his story.

You see, there was this new television series called Agents of SHIELD and Phil Coulson was the lead character. But he's dead, we all thought. It turns out that SHIELD director Nick Fury had a trick up his sleeve that brought Phil back and drove the story for the first couple of years. You see he was dead, but he got better. He was reborn! And that is why Phil Coulson is May's pattern of the month.

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