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Buffy - Spike and Dru

Pattern of the Month - Febuary

Welcome to February, the looooove month! It's also the shortest month, the Groundhog Day month and the eat pancakes for dinner month, but we'll stick to love. We're an angry and bitter people, divided on many contentious issue. No matter the issue, pick any one, people seem to have strong opinions and some will even attack and insult each other over differences of opinion. Right or wrong we need to be able to step back and lose the hatred. What do we need? Love!

In the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, two of the most horribly evil of the vampires, and we loved them all the more for it, were Spike and Drusilla. Completely amoral, and Dru was thoroughly insane, it seemed nothing was beneath this pair. And yet these two scions of evil were in love and were often motivated by that affection. If these two horrible individuals can have love, it certainly shouldn't be hopeless for the rest of us.

This is why Spike and Drusilla are February's pattern of the month.

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