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Pumpkin Jack is all about carving pumpkins. I have patterns, instructions, anecdotes, carving galleries and even Halloween stories. Come in and stay a while. Please return often.

The majority of the patterns on this site are quiet complex and require hours of time to complete. If you find them to be intimidating or, perhaps, you would like a little practice first before tackling them, you might wish to attempt some more traditional patterns here, some Halloween images here or my extensive collection of smiley face patterns here.

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Vincent Price

Pattern of the Month - October

It's finally here! This is October, the ultimate fall month. While I prefer the warmth of summer, October is my favourite month because, here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October and it is the month of my wedding anniversary. Fall festivals abound here and pumpkins and pumpkin spice are everywhere. All of this is capped off by Halloween!

Our final pattern of the month for our theme of TV Classics is the legendary Vincent Price. Not only is he known for his involvement in the horror genre, but Mr Price did some work for a television show produced in my home city of Hamilton called the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. This makes Vincent Price the ultimate pattern of the month for Classic TV.

Coming next month: Superheroes!

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