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Pattern of the Month - July - Doctor Who - The Seventh Doctor

July. It's summer. We've just heard that Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, is quitting and the search is underway for the twelth Doctor. The pumpkins are in at Michaels and I've begun carving for the 2013 season: carvings of all 11 doctors with only two in place from previous years. Ambitious? Sure, but without goals we have nothing to accomplish and if those goals aren't increasingly more challenging, we don't learn. Besides, what else would I do for the 50th anniversary?

Speaking of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this years presents my first opportunity to meet actors who have played the Doctor. In November, Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor will be appearing at the Reversed Polarity convention in nearby Richmond Hill (north of Toronto). Also, Colin Baker, last month's pattern of the month, aka the Sixth Doctor, will be attending Fan Expo Canada in Toronto.

And speaking of the pattern of the month, this month we have one of the more controversial Doctors, the seventh. Played by Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor was the last of the original run of Doctors, and seems equally loved and hated by fans of the show. At first charming and befuddled, this Doctor eventually becomes a master planner, ruthlessly using other's underestimation of him to gain the upperhand. Many of the modern era of Doctors have capitalized on this trait.

Doctor Who - The Seventh Doctor

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