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Pattern of the Month - September - Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor

Well, September and back to school with the kidliwinks! Fan Expo has come and gone and I got to meet Colin Baker, Nichelle Nichols and Tara Strong. Beyond cool!

September 1st and Doctors 1-7, 10 and 11 are carved. I took a break to carve non-Doctors for Fan Expo otherwise they'd be done.

Ninth month and now for the ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. Number 9 was the first of the new Doctors for the show's revival in 2005. Tough sledding really as if the show had failed, many would have blamed him, but it didn't fail and we have Chris to thank in part. If only he could have stayed on for longer than a single year.

With the ninth Doctor were introduced the Time Wars with the Daleks and the end of the Time Lords, for which the Doctor claims responsibility. Ends for the new beginning and the legend grows.

Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor

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