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Pattern of the Month - March - Monsters - Dracula

As quietly influential as Barnabas was on the evolution of vampires in modern lore, unquestionably the the biggest and most influential vampire of all time is, without question, Count Dracula and the most famous portrayal of this character is that of Bela Lugosi. Because of all this, Bela Lugosi's Dracula is March's pattern of the month.

Dracula is the most imitated, interpreted, beloved and reviled vampire of all time. It put a human face on an inhuman monster, and made the vampire at once more evil and more appealing. Being hunted by Abraham Van Helsing gave him a further degree of empathy.

A monster and a hunter! Dracula certainly belongs in this collection.

Dracula - Bela Lugosi

In Memorium

It is never a fun task to acknowledge the passing of someone. However Harold Ramis has provided us with years of entertainment both from in front of the camera and from behind it. It seems more important that we celebrate his many achievements (look them up as there is not enough room here) than to mourn his loss. The only tragedies here are that we will not get to see Egon Spengler one more time and Harold will not get to see Ghostbusters 3 made.

Rest in peace.

Harold Ramis RIP

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