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Pattern of the Month - April - Monsters/Hunters - Angel

Angel was a modern vampire, one of the first of the current breed of "popular" vampires from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Angel, however, was a new twist on an old theme. Buffy vampires were demons piloting a dead body. They had all the knowledge of the deceased, looked and acted like them and, sometimes, even thought of themselves as the deceased.

Angel, or Angelus as he was first known, was different. He was MEAN, even by vampire standards. Then he killed the wrong person, a young gypsie girl. Her family had power and cursed the vampire with his original soul.

In life, Angel was hardly a saint. In undeath, he was shocked by the vampire's actions and started down a long and rocky path of redemption. It was never easy, but easy would have been boring!

Angel was much like Barnabas before him but with a slightly different mythology and motivation. In the end Angel played both hero and villain, hunter and monster.

Angel - David Boreanaz

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