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Pattern of the Month - June - Hunters - The Ghostbusters!

June is here! Are thoughts of summer haunting your dreams? Who ya gonna call?

Thirty years after the theatrical release of Ghostbusters on June 8, 1984, that question still cannot be asked without instantly conjuring this movie to mind. It possesses our thoughts and beguiles us with its ingenious combination of supernatural horror and comedy. It is a touchstone of American cinema that is difficult to top.

And let's be serious for a moment. As hunters, despite their comical demeanour, they stand in a class by themselves. Long before today's popular trend of using science to prove the existence of ghosts, these guys were tracking and trapping them. They faced down the nastiest ghosts and poltergeists and even faced a god! They are tops in my book!

Sadly, however, we are poorer for the loss of Egon. We lost Harold Ramis in February of this year and he will never have the chance to revisit Egon one last time. Below is the memorial for him that I posted in March.

See you in July!

The Ghostbusters!

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In Memorium

It is never a fun task to acknowledge the passing of someone. However Harold Ramis has provided us with years of entertainment both from in front of the camera and from behind it. It seems more important that we celebrate his many achievements (look them up as there is not enough room here) than to mourn his loss. The only tragedies here are that we will not get to see Egon Spengler one more time and Harold will not get to see Ghostbusters 3 made.

Rest in peace.

Harold Ramis RIP

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