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Pattern of the Month - August - Creators - Stan Lee

August is here already. Three months remaining until Halloween. I have pumpkins growing in my garden (as seen on Facebook below) and it is time to start carving my 2014 jack o'lanterns.

In dealing with this year's theme of monsters, their hunters and those who created them, we've seen patterns for monsters (Daleks, vampires and Frankenstein's monster) and hunters (Angel, Buffy and the Ghost Busters) but no creators. Let's remedy that right now.

This month's pattern, Stan Lee, is, together with artists such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, the genius responsible in part for the creation of the Marvel Universe present in comic books, novels, cartoons, movies and celebrated on the internet. What you may not realize is that, before going to work on superheroes, Stan Lee wrote comic books about monsters. Yup! And he brought this with him into superheroes and changed them forever. Monster stories, while often horrific are frequently tragic. The monster may be misunderstood, a victim of an experiment or simply be set apart by abilities beyond those of normal people. Now take a moment to think about some of Stan Lee's better known creations: the Hulk, Spider-man, the Fantastic Four (but especially the Thing) and the X-men. Misunderstood.

Reviled. Hated. Hunted. These themes have become staples of Marvel's way of telling stories. And it all started with Stan Lee, master storyteller.

Stan Lee

In Memorium

It was with great shock that I heard of the sudden death of the incredibly talented actor/comedian Robin Williams. The world has lost a great talent. The man was a standup comedy genius, a brilliant comic actor and an Oscar-winning dramatic actor. We are all much sadder for the loss.

Robin Williams RIP

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