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Pattern of the Month - September - Creators - John Carpenter

I can't believe how time flies. Here it is September already. The leaves are already starting to fall off of the trees. I'd like to say that it is starting to get cooler out, but it has been cool all summer and we are only getting the traditional summer weather now. However, the summer holidays are over and my little girl (okay, not so little anymore, but she will always be my baby) is back in school. Most noteworthy from the perspective of this article though, fewer than two month remain until Halloween and more and more retail outfits are beginning to focus on this. Time for a little Halloween spirit!

And who would know more about "Halloween spirit" than master film maker and pattern of the month, John Carpenter? With an extensive resumé of thrillers under his belt, John is best known for the Halloween series of movies and its central monster Michael Myers. Although slasher movies are as old as cinema itself, the highwater mark for the genre began with Halloween. More about the suspense than the horror, this film uses a simplistic approach combined with evocative music to achieve goals that other movies with larger budgets failed to reach.

John Carpenter

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