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Pattern of the Month - February

Not done with Potter yet, okay? For February we have Harry Potter's foil, Draco Malfoy as portrayed by Tom Felton.

Draco is the classic school bully providing grounding to a larger than life fantasy story. And while Voldemort might be the ultimate nemesis for the Harry Potter series, it is Draco who is often used to introduce concepts and philosophies later spun into the evil wizard. It is his presence which gives contrast and comparison for the motivations and actions of Harry and his friends.

While Draco never became fully evil like Tom Riddle, it would be a stretch to say he was redeemed by his actions. He never chose the completely dark path, but neither did he choose to become more selfless. In the end he remained pretty much who he'd always been.

Interestingly, Tom Felton's portrayal of the young wizard has taken a mostly unlikeable character and made him the object of fan adoration.

Draco Malfoy

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