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Pattern of the Month - April

Here it is spring already. Already time to be planning my garden (with pumpkins, of course!). Already time to be planning summer vacation. Already time to see my daughter's time in elementary school come to a close (where does the time go?). And already time to start carving artificial pumpkins.

Rupert Giles (played beautifully by Tony Head) was a significant character in Buffy the television show. He was a father-figure to Buffy as well as an important source of information, which frequently enabled the plot. But, beyond his role as a plot device, Giles was a fascinating and enjoyable character.

In many ways he reminded me of DC Comics' John Constantine. A mysterious man who dabbled in magic with disastrous consequences now trying to outrun his past by fighting evil magic. This mysterious past gave an otherwise bland character a spicy and interesting feeling. Also, the writers were never afraid to show us what a deeply flawed character he was. Many-faceted, it was pity that the planned Ripper series never happened.

Rupert Giles, our pattern of the month!

Rupert Gile

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