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Pumpkin Jack is all about carving pumpkins. I have patterns, instructions, anecdotes, carving galleries and even Halloween stories. Come in and stay a while. Please return often.

The majority of the patterns on this site are quiet complex and require hours of time to complete. If you find them to be intimidating or, perhaps, you would like a little practice first before tackling them, you might wish to attempt some more traditional patterns here, some Halloween images here or my extensive collection of smiley face patterns here.

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Here are the patterns for Halloween 2015, Urban Fantasy:

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Pattern of the Month - May

The year just rolls merrily along and already, at noon on May the 1st, it is halfway to Halloween! It's downright scary not only how quickly time is passing, but also how little time remains when you have so much to do.

And speaking of scary, for this month's pattern of the month, we have two vampires, the infamous Sid and Nancy of Buffy, Spike and Drucilla. With the appearance of these two, portrayed brilliantly by James Marsters and Juliet Landau, in the show's second season, the success of the show was cemented. These two were not only dangerous but they were fun...in a sick and vampiry kind of way. Additionally, they had depth. Villains they might be, but they were fully fleshed out characters and not just a weekly nemesis made out of cardboard for Buffy to slay. It was a joy to watch.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Pumpkin Jack presents Spike and Dru, the May 2015 pattern of the month!

Rupert Gile

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