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Pumpkin Jack is all about carving pumpkins. I have patterns, instructions, anecdotes, carving galleries and even Halloween stories. Come in and stay a while. Please return often.

The majority of the patterns on this site are quiet complex and require hours of time to complete. If you find them to be intimidating or, perhaps, you would like a little practice first before tackling them, you might wish to attempt some more traditional patterns here, some Halloween images here or my extensive collection of smiley face patterns here.

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Here are the patterns for Halloween 2015, Urban Fantasy:

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Pattern of the Month - June

It was going to happen sooner or later. The start of a new month came and went and I didn't update the pattern of the month! The world is over. June 1st came and went. In fact it is June the 11th as I write this and I only realized it today. And I don't have a great excuse like some life disaster either. I've just been busy living life. So, I'm sorry.

With that said, the pattern of the month of June (yes, June already) is Xander Harris, the last of our Buffy patterns and, believe me, I saved the most important character for last, because, you see, Xander is the main character. Yes, he is. Don't argue with me. I know the show is called Buffy the Vampire Slayer but Xander is the main character. If you don't believe me, re-watch the series and count the number of times Xander saved the day.

He is the vanilla mortal with no special powers or skills. He holds the Everyman place in the Scoobies. He could be any one of us. He is the gateway character into the strange and wonderful world of Buffy. He is also the one who frequently has the idea which saves everyone. Sometimes he even takes an active hand. Yet, despite this, he remains humble and underestimates his own worth. It's also worth noting that Joss Whedon modelled Xander after himself.

So take a moment to appreciate the underdog who saved the world many times: Xander Harris!

Xander Harris

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