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Patterns of the Month - February

February is the runt of the monthly litter being shorter than all the other months. However this is a leap year so it gets to be a little less short. And this awkward segue leads us to this month's patterns based on the shortest and longest terms of office for a Prime Minister.

In Canada the length of time served by an elected official is not set in stone. A defeat of a key government bill can very quickly send us to the polls to elect a new government. Also, there is no limit on the length of time an individual can act in the role of Prime Minister. This leads us to two individuals: Sir Charles Tupper and William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Sir Charles Tupper, our 6th Prime Minister, has the dubious distinction of having been Prime Minister of Canada for a period of time shorter than any other politician: a mere 69 days. Despite this, Sir Charles will always be remembered as a Father of Confederation as he served as Premier of Nova Scotia from 1864 to 1867 and brought this particular province into the new nation of Canada.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, or Mackenzie King as he was often known, served Canada as Prime Minister, our 10th, for over 21 year in total. He led Canada during some interesting times including the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and the Second World War. Although there were other Prime Ministers who served during this 28 year period, Canada kept turning back to Mackenzie King.

Sir Charles Tupper - 6th Prime Minister

William Lyon Mackenzie King - 10th Prime Minister

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