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Here are the patterns for Halloween 2016, Prime Ministers:

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Pattern of the Month - April

April is the first full month of spring. The plants that will grow to maturity through the summer are their youngest in April and so we will consider the Prime Ministers who were the oldest and the youngest upon assuming the office.

The oldest Prime Minister on record is Sir Charles Tupper, who was 75 years old when he became PM. The next oldest was Sir Mackenzie Bowell, 70 and the third oldest was Sir John Abbott, 70 (featured below).

The youngest ever Prime Minister, despite campaign commercials in the last election to the contrary, is not Justin Trudeau. The youngest PM was Joe Clark (also featured below), who turned 40 the day after he took office (Happy Birthday!). Numbers 2 and 3 are Justin Trudeau (43) and Brian Mulroney (45).

Sir John Abbott - 3rd Prime Minister

Joe Clark - 16th Prime Minister

Brian Mulroney - 18th Prime Minister

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