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Here are the patterns for Halloween 2016, Prime Ministers:

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Pattern of the Month - September

For many September is a new beginning akin to New Year's in January. The summer is over and we are heading into a period of fun and celebration followed by winter. Here in Canada, school classes start again in September as well.

There have been a few Prime Ministers who haven't finished what they started. They were short term Prime Ministers. The way the political system typically works here is that the Prime Minister is the leader of the political party with the most elected seats in the House of Commons. Sometimes a Prime Minister chooses to step down as leader in the middle of his party's term and the party gets to elect a new leader who becomes Prime Minister. Sadly there have been a few such Prime Ministers whose party have not survived the next election and were immediately replaced as Prime Minister. This has not always been their fault as often they inherited the ill will the nation had for the previous leader.

The patterns of the month for September are two of these unfortunate individuals: John Turner (17th) and Paul Martin (21st). Mr Turner sat as PM from June until September of 1984. Mr. Martin faired better with his time running from 2003 until 2006). Neither holds the record for the shortest term. That title belongs to Sir Charles Tupper, if you will recall. 69 days. Poor guy!

John Turner - 17th Prime Minister

Paul Martin - 21st Prime Minister

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