Burn Notice

Burn Notice is an American television series created by Matt Nix. The show stars Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, and, beginning in the fourth season, Coby Bell. The series premiered on June 28, 2007, on USA Network.
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Burn Notice Logo

The logo for the television program Burn Notice.
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Michael Westen

Actor: Jeffrey Donovan

Michael Westen is a fictional character played by Jeffrey Donovan in the television series Burn Notice, created by Matt Nix. Michael, a spy, was abruptly blacklisted while on an assignment. Forced to go back to his hometown of Miami, Florida, he finds himself cut off from the United States intelligence community. While searching for answers on why he was burned, Michael becomes a freelance spy/private investigator to help those who have unique problems.
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Fiona Glenanne

Actor: Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle was affiliated with the IRA for 14 years but ran afoul of her old organization because she did not like being told what to do. She has since gone out on her own, picking up odd jobs and using her skills in explosives, picking locks, tracking, weapons, and hand-to-hand combat to make a living.
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Sam Axe

Actor: Bruce Campbell

Commander Samuel "Sam" Axe, USN (ret.) is a fictional character in the television series Burn Notice and TV movie Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, played by Bruce Campbell. He is the best friend of Michael Westen, the main character in Burn Notice.
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Madeline Westen

Actor: Sharon Gless

Madeline Westen is a fictional character in the television series Burn Notice portrayed by Sharon Gless. She is a main character Michael Westen's neurotic, chain-smoking, mother.
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Jesse Porter

Actor: Coby Bell

Jesse Porter (Coby Bell) is a former Counterintelligence Field Activity agent introduced in the fourth season premiere. He was initially stationed in the field, but his risky and impulsive tactical maneuvers led to him being demoted to desk duty. Because of his research on the war-profiteering organization that Management was hunting, Michael stole Jesse's work in the course of his investigation, unintentionally resulting in Jesse becoming burned. Jesse came to Michael for help as a fellow burned spy, which Michael accepted. But the fact that Jesse was insistent on exacting revenge led the team to have to cover their trails leading to his burning. Left with nothing as Michael was, Jesse moves in as a tenant with Madeline, and Jesse quickly fits into the team and their regular jobs.