Copps Coliseum

Copps Coliseum is a sports and entertainment arena, on the corner of Bay Street North and York Boulevard, in Hamilton, Ontario. Depending on event, the Copps Coliseum has a capacity of up to 19,000.

It is named after the former Hamilton mayor, Victor K. Copps.

Saturday Night Live has used an exterior of the arena in many ESPN Classic sketches.

On Bay Street are a number of street carvings representing sports and entertainment possibilities at Copps.

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Copps Coliseum Logo

The logo for Copps.
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The northernmost street carving.
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Send In The Clown

The next image heading southward is a juggling clown.
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The Basketball Player

Even though no basketball team plays regular games at Copps, there is an image of a basketball player on the sidewalk.
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The Curler

The fourth pattern heading south is a curler. Curling is an old sport in Hamilton having once been played by Sir Alan MacNab himself on the frozen harbour. Until recently Hamilton had a prominent club in part founded by MacNab called the Thistle Club. Unfortunately this is now a thing of the past...
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The Hockey Player

Hockey is played at Copps. Build in hopes of Hamilton acquiring an NHL team, Copps is currently home to the Bulldogs, AHL affiliate to the Montreal Canadians. Despite two well-funded campaigns to get a team in Hamilton, an NHL team has never arrived. The first attempt was to woo a planned NHL expansion team here and it went to Ottawa instead. The second attempt was to get a failing Phoenix Coyotes (hockey in Phoenix???) to relocate here but this was blocked by the NHL itself.

Pumpkin Jack is not a hockey fan but this didn't make sense even to him...

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Yes! Copps Coliseum does have its fair share of music. More than one rock band has played there. So carving number 6 is apt!
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Figure Skater

Figure skating is common at Copps. We've had competitions and entertainment.
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The Runner

Hamilton has played host to North America's oldest long distance race (The Around the Bay Road Race) since 1894. The current rendition of this race starts and ends at Copps Coliseum.