Gilligans Island

Gilligan's Island was an American television situation comedy created and produced by Sherwood Schwartz and originally produced by United Artists Television. The series featured Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jr., Jim Backus, and Tina Louise, and aired for three seasons on the CBS network, from September 26, 1964, to September 4, 1967. Originally sponsored by Philip Morris & Company and Procter & Gamble, the show followed the comic adventures of seven castaways as they attempted to survive and ultimately escape from the island where they were shipwrecked. Their escape plans constantly fail because Gilligan goofs up or visitors to the island leave without sending help.
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Actor: Bob Denver

Gilligan is a fictional character played by Bob Denver on the 1960s TV show Gilligan's Island and its many sequels. It starred Bob Denver as "Gilligan", the bumbling, dimwitted, accident-prone crewman (affectionately known as "Little Buddy" by the "Skipper") of the S.S. Minnow. None of the show's episodes ever specified Gilligan's full name or clearly indicated whether "Gilligan" was the character's first name or his last. In the DVD collection, Sherwood Schwartz states that he preferred the full name of "Willy Gilligan" for the character. Denver, on various television/radio interviews (The Pat Sajak Show; KDKA radio), said that "Gil Egan" was his choice. The actor reasoned that because everyone yelled at the first mate, it ran together as "Gilligan." In the unaired pilot episode, it is unclear whether Lovey Howell refers to Gilligan as "Stewart" or steward. On Rescue from Gilligan's Island, the writers artfully dodged Gilligan's full name when the other names are announced.
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The Skipper Too (Jonas Grumby)

Actor: Alan Hale Jr

The Skipper is the title and nickname of Jonas Grumby, a fictional character from the successful 1960s situation comedy Gilligan's Island. Played by Alan Hale, Jr., the Skipper (his actual name was rarely used after the show's pilot episode) was the captain of the S.S. Minnow on its "three hour tour" in Hawaii when he, first mate Willy Gilligan (portrayed by Bob Denver), and their tourist passengers were caught in a violent storm and stranded on a deserted island. He acts often in his legal role as the group's leader, albeit with a decidedly collegial and democratic bent; the only individual whom he routinely orders about is Gilligan. In times of crisis, the Skipper tends to defer to the more level-headed and educated passenger, Professor Roy Hinkley (portrayed by Russell Johnson). He is sort of a strongman succumbed to lack of exercise, despite doing most of the physical work on the island or making Gilligan do it. He is also the most superstitious castaway, sometimes putting him in conflict with The Professor's rationalistic ideology.

The Skipper is lovable but is irritated continually by the clumsiness and ineptitude of his "little buddy" Gilligan, despite that they are good friends. A running gag is that whenever Gilligan messes up a rescue, the skipper conks Gilligan on the head with his hat; a variation of this gag is that whenever Gilligan is in a tree as a lookout and falls down, he usually lands on the Skipper.

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The Millionaire (Thurston Howell III)

Actor: Jim Backus

Thurston B. Howell, III is a character on the CBS television sitcom Gilligan's Island, which was in first-run from 1964 to 1967, and has been rerun ever since in syndication.

Howell, portrayed by veteran character actor Jim Backus, is so wealthy that he took tens of thousands of dollars in cash and several changes of clothing with him for what was intended to be only a three-hour boat tour in Hawaii, one of the sillier premises of the show. Howell is a stereotypical member of the Northeastern Yankee elite—a resident of Newport, Rhode Island and a graduate of Harvard University. His wife, Lovey, portrayed by Natalie Schafer, is conscious of social strata, yet seems to be a good-hearted woman with a deep sense of noblesse oblige allowing her to interact with the other passengers and crew, though they are all her social inferiors. One of the implied humorous points of the show is that Thurston continually fails to realize that all of the Howells' money is essentially useless to them on the island. On the other hand, the other castaways apparently tolerate the fact that he refuses to do any work. One of the most unusual aspects of his character is that, even though he is married, he sleeps with a teddy bear that he calls "Teddy". The Howells, as was common practice on American sitcoms of the mid-1960s, also slept in twin beds.

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And His Wife (Lovey Howell)

Actor: Natalie Schafer

Eunice "Lovey" Wentworth Howell was a fictional character in the 1960s television show Gilligan's Island. Played by Natalie Schafer, the character was a rich, spoiled socialite, married to Thurston Howell, III.

While her husband always called her "Lovey," the other castaways always called her Mrs. Howell. There are only two times someone besides Thurston calls her Lovey: in the pilot, when the radio is announcing the missing people, the announcer says "Thurston Howell, III, and his wife, Lovey;" and in the episode in which Gilligan thinks he wins the lottery and invites all the people into the Howells' club, the Professor refers to Mr. and Mrs. Howell as Thurston and Lovey.

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The Movie Star (Ginger Grant)

Actor: Tina Louise

Ginger Grant was a character in the 1960s television sitcom Gilligan's Island. Grant was a movie star, and would casually mention names of some of the biggest movie stars of the day, as co-stars or acquaintances, suggesting that she too was a great star. In the series' Season 1 Episode 1 "Two on a Raft", Ginger was also "singing in a club in Waikiki", possibly the same gig mentioned by the radio announcer where she was "still wearing the evening gown from her last performance". "When I first broke into show business, I used to work with a magician", Ginger confesses in Season 1 Episode 33 "It's Magic".
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The Professor (Roy Hinkley)

Actor: Russell Johnson

Roy Hinkley, M.A., B.S., Ph.D., usually referred to as The Professor, is one of the seven castaways from the television series Gilligan's Island. He was played by Russell Johnson.

The Professor's backstory identifies him as a high school science teacher who was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His principal expertise was as a botanist, whose purpose in joining the ill-fated voyage that stranded the castaways was to write a book to be titled Fun With Ferns. His main function on the show was to devise many ways for the castaways to live more comfortably on the island. Many of his inventions (including a method for recharging the batteries in the ubiquitous radio) utilized coconuts and bamboo, both of which were in plentiful supply. Aside from his proficiency in science, he was also adept and well-versed in law, literature, social sciences, and the arts.

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And Mary Ann (Mary Ann Summers)

Actor: Dawn Wells

Mary Ann was portrayed by actress Dawn Wells. She was an ingenue and a foil, as well as a friend, to glamorous Hollywood star Ginger Grant, played by Tina Louise. In addition, her practical domestic skills and plain, good common sense make her an indispensable member of the group. Her no-nonsense Kansas farm-girl character is a reference to Dorothy Gale as played by Judy Garland in the 1939 classic movie The Wizard of Oz (complete with Dorothy's ubiquitous side-pony tails and blue and white gingham dress).

She was traveling alone on the "three-hour tour"" that was lost at sea, and was in her late teens to early twenties—an age which she pinpoints in the Season 2, Episode 30 "V for Vitamins" when she says, "Women and children first, so I get two votes."