The Doctor

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller known as 'the Doctor' who travels in his space and time-ship, the TARDIS, which normally appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s police box. With his companions, he explores time and space, solving problems, facing monsters and righting wrongs.
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The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is a time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who and its associated spin-offs.

A TARDIS is a product of the advanced technology of the Time Lords, an extraterrestrial civilisation to which the programme's central character, the Doctor, belongs. A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and any place in the universe. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior (It's bigger on the inside), which can blend in with its surroundings using the ship's "chameleon circuit". TARDISes also possess a degree of sentience (which has been expressed in a variety of ways ranging from implied machine personality and free will through to the use of a conversant avatar) and provide their users with additional tools and abilities including a telepathically-based universal translation system.

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The First Doctor

Actor: William Hartnell

From the beginning, the First Doctor was a mysterious figure. He appeared to be a frail old man, despite the eventual revelation that he was actually the youngest of the Doctor's incarnations, and yet was possessed of unexpected reserves of strength and will. He obviously held tremendous knowledge of scientific matters, and yet was unable to pilot his TARDIS time ship reliably; his granddaughter Susan explained this by saying that her grandfather was "a bit forgetful". He was abrasive, patronising, and cantankerous towards his human travelling companions, yet shared a deep emotional bond with his granddaughter Susan. He also harboured a streak of ruthlessness, being willing to lie and in one case attempt to kill to achieve his goals.
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The Second Doctor

Actor: Patrick Troughton

He has been nicknamed the "Cosmic Hobo" as the impish Second Doctor appeared to be far more scruffy and child-like than his first incarnation. Mercurial, clever, and always a few steps ahead of his enemies, at times he could be a calculating schemer who would not only manipulate people for the greater good but act like a bumbling fool in order to have others underestimate his true abilities.
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The Third Doctor

Actor: Jon Pertwee

The Third Doctor was a suave, authoritative man of action, who not only practiced Venusian Aikido (or Karate), but who enjoyed working on gadgets and riding all manner of vehicles, such as the Whomobile and his pride and joy, the canary-yellow vintage roadster nicknamed "Bessie" which featured such modifications as a remote control, dramatically increased speed capabilities and even inertial dampeners.
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The Fouth Doctor

Actor: Tom Baker

The Fourth Doctor is a natural bohemian who permanently left UNIT in order to return to a life of deep universal wandering. More so than his previous incarnations, he is thrilled by discovery and adventure. Galvanised by higher purpose, he is disarmingly loopy (constantly offering friends and foes jelly babies), brilliant and entirely serious, all at the same time.
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The Fifth Doctor

Actor: Peter Davison

The Fifth Doctor was far more vulnerable, sensitive and reserved than his previous incarnations, and would often react to situations rather than initiate them. Unlike his more authoritative predecessors, he would treat his young companions as parts of a team, and would often willingly participate in situations under the leadership of someone else who had the strong command presence that he apparently lacked. However, the Fifth Doctor's boyish appearance, nervous energy and charm all hid the fact that he was a Time Lord of great age, compassion and experience.
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The Sixth Doctor

Actor: Colin Baker

The Sixth Doctor was an unpredictable and somewhat petulant egoist, whose garish, multicoloured attire reflected his volatile personality. He was both portentous and eloquent even for any Doctor, of whom he saw himself as the finest incarnation yet and his unpredictability was made even wilder by his mood swings, manic behaviour, bombastic outbursts and glib, unflappable wit. His personality also displayed occasionally fatalistic overtones.
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The Seventh Doctor

Actor: Sylvester McCoy

The Seventh Doctor displayed perhaps the most profound change in attitude of any of the Time Lord's personae, beginning as perhaps the most outwardly amiable and bumbling (to the extent of putting himself in danger but not at the cost of his overall great intelligence and benevolent intentions) and progressing into a driven, dark gamemaster whose plans to defeat his adversaries, both old and new, would play out across space and time. He generally displayed an affable, curious, knowledgeable, easygoing, excitable and charming air. However, as he began to choose his battles and keep a tighter grip on his secrets - from his plans to his very identity - he also presented more serious, contemplative, secretive, wistful and manipulative sides with undercurrents of mischief and authority, constantly giving the impression that there was more to him than met the eye.
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The Eighth Doctor

Actor: Paul McGann

The Eighth Doctor, a Byronesque figure who is arguably the most human and romantic of all of his incarnations, encouraged those around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from it. He also seemed to enjoy giving people hints of their own futures, probably to prod them into making the right decisions. It is unclear if the eighth Doctor's knowledge of people's futures comes from historical expertise, psychic power or precognitive ability.
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The War Doctor

Actor: John Hurt

The "War Doctor" saw the most direct combat in the Last Great Time War. This incarnation, originally young and robust, disowned the name of the Doctor because he felt unworthy of it. He spent countless years waging war. After becoming old and tired of battle and faced with the end of reality, this Doctor considered activating the Moment, to commit genocide against both the Daleks and his own people.
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The Ninth Doctor

Actor: Christopher Eccleston

The Doctor's ninth incarnation was perhaps the most gritty, and informal, masking a lonely, guilt-ridden and melancholic personality with a jovial, witty, forthright and almost manic exterior. Similar to the Fourth Doctor, he would often make jokes in the face of danger, but then become grim and serious when on his own. Like the Sixth Doctor, he also tended to be fatalistic at times, to the point of near-panic when he and Rose were cornered in "The Unquiet Dead" and he realised that he was going to die (this despite the knowledge that he would probably just regenerate). Despite being impatient with humans, whom he often referred to as "stupid apes" -- and Mickey receiving particular scorn and being dubbed "Mickey the Idiot" -- the Ninth Doctor was far more tactile with, and reliant upon, his human companions than previous incarnations. He was notably both sentimental and emotional, especially where his closest friend, Rose, was concerned, to the point of allowing her to view her parents' wedding and later, her father's last moments this being just one example of his occasional lack of caution.
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The Tenth Doctor

Actor: David Tennant

The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but combines this with a somewhat egocentric sense of unstoppability when facing his enemies. He is perhaps as ruthless and dangerous as his seventh incarnation ever was, although much less inclined to complex schemes and set goals. Like his past selves, he is critical of weapons, going as far as to describe people with guns as "the enemy". His strong personal sense of justice makes him quick to anger when he feels it is violated.
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The Eleventh Doctor

Actor: Matt Smith

The eleventh incarnation was energetic, lively, brash, eccentric and very alien. He was resourceful and quick thinking, able to spin things to his point of view and find positive outlooks in negative situations. (DW: The Eleventh Hour) When things looked bleakest, he liked to have those around him focus on survival.
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The Twelfth Doctor

Actor: Peter Capaldi

The Twelfth Doctor cared little about being seen as a hero or even being liked by the people who he was trying to save. Unlike his previous two incarnations who cared about humans and tried to understand them, this incarnation didn't quite understand human beings or really care very much about their approval.
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The Thirteenth Doctor

Actor: Jodie Whittaker

The Thirteenth Doctor is the current incarnation of the Doctor. She is portrayed by English actress Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to portray the character in the series. The Thirteenth Doctor is incredibly lively, warm, funny, energetic, inclusive she's the greatest friend you could wish to have as your guide around the universe.
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The Who Question

In the era from the fourth to the seventh Doctor's, this question mark symbol was present somewhere in the Doctor's costume.